Rev. Jan L. Beaderstadt appointed nursing school chaplain

Rev. Jan L. Beaderstadt, president of Renaissance Outreach Ministries of Greentown, Indiana has been appointed chaplain of the South Rwenzori School of Nursing & Midwifery in Kasese, Uganda.

This appointment comes at a time when Renaissance Outreach Ministries is recommitting itself to the work of training pastors in Africa where it started back in 2000.

Pastor Jan will be doing spiritual training with the nursing and mid-wives who are being trained to work in the mountainous regions of western Uganda near the border of the Congo. These areas often lack any kind of health centers, resulting in a high loss of infants as well as shortened life spans for its residents.

Pastor Jan will be spending March and April of 2018 in Western Uganda. At other times, he will be helping to develop contacts with medical personnel to come and help do short-term teaching assignments at the school.