Vacation with a Mission

            Why not use your vacation time to advance the kingdom of God? Renaissance Outreach Ministries has teemed up with Trekking Mart in Kathmandu, Nepal to allow you the opportunity to do just that!

Imagine working in exotic places where your presence actually makes a difference in the lives of people less fortunate than you? ! There are many opportunities that will match with  your skills, gifts and graces. These include:

    • Teaching in a rural school.
    • Training pastors, priests, deacons and church leaders.
    • Medical missions. We have anything from hospitals to teaching in nursing schools. Do a medical camp in a remote place in either the Himalaya mountains of Nepal or the Rwenzori Mountains of western Uganda.
    • Working with orphans
    • Teaching agricultural skills in developing nations.
    • Construction work.
    • Be a “gopher” (just being willing to assist and help can mean so much)

Each mission trip is designed to allow you to make the greatest possible impact. You can stay in hotels or with families. You can eat continental foods or try local cuisines. We make it possible to do fun and recreational activities while also working to help improve the life of people in God’s kingdom.

Fun activities include:

            • Cultural programs
            • Trekking
            • Jungle safaris in Africa and Nepal
            • Mountain climbing
            • Paragliding
            • Zip-lining
            • Bungee jumping
            • White water rafting
            • Gorilla Trekking in Africa
            • Beach-combing in India and Bangladesh
            • Swim on the equator in Uganda
            • Explore UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Nepal
            • And much more.

What places do we offer:

At the present, we offer opportunities in the following places:

            • Bangladesh
            • India
            • Nepal
            • Uganda

You will work with the local church organization or NGO that is working in that area. You can go alone or travel with a  group.

Through Trekking Mart, we can arrange:

            • Air tickets
            • Visa
            • All in country transportation
            • Lodging

In partnership with Renaissance Outreach Ministries, Renaissance will coordinate the organization you will be working with. There are local people who will take charge in order to make you feel welcome and accommodating.

In many places, English is widely spoken. But in places where it is not, we have English speaking people who will be your guide.

Expensive? Not really! We can help you to develop a mission outreach vacation that will match you’re your budget. Usually the most expensive part of any of these trips is the airfare. These days airfare is coming down and becoming quite reasonable. In these countries, cost of living is very low.

How long should you stay? That depends upon you. While we recommend a minimum of two to three weeks, many will chose to stay longer. Stay a month three months, or if you want, even a year. It’s up to you and your group.

Want to know more?

Contact Dr. Jan L. Beaderstadt at the following:

Jan Beaderstadt giving blankets in Nepal

Make a difference for the kingdom of God and for people around the world. It will be an opportunity to meet new people, enjoy new experiences, have an adventure and come home with a feeling of accomplishment. Why not make your next vacation count for the Kingdom? Write for more information today!

Nepal. India, Bangladesh, Uganda, Tanzania