The Beauty of Handmade Yak Milk Soap

The Beauty of Yak Milk Soap

Yak Milk is no doubt a new concept to you. While most people have understood the healthy skin benefit of milk products in their soap, few realize just how wonderful yak milk can be for your complexion. Yak milk is rich in essential minerals and vitamins to achieve youthful, healthy skin.

The women of the Himalayas have long ago learned the secret to beautiful skin. Yaks are found only in the higher elevations of the Himalayas. Their milk contains a higher fat content, and has been found to contain Vitamin A, calcium and protein. All yaks are free range, herded by native herders in high alpine pastures.

Our Yak Milk Soaps help to reduce oil secretions as well as being an excellent fighter against acne. Yak milk will exfoliate dead skin cells as well as promote relaxation.

All of our Yak Milk Soaps are hand-made by the women of the Himalayas in Nepal. They are created in small batches at a time. There are no artificial chemicals in any of our yak milk products.