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spices come from some of the most exotic places around the world. Then

again, it was in the most exotic places that the world’s finest spices

were found. The unique combination of soil and climate made for spices

that were sought the world over. Our connections with these places

through our work has brought Renaissance Outreach into contact with the

people that grow these spices.

At present, all of our spices are from Nepal and the Himalayas. We are working to bring vanilla from Madagascar, plus other places like Peru and the Philippines.

Our spices provide income to farmers in developing lands, creating a steady flow of income to them and their families. We buy direct to save money, and are able to pass along the savings to you.

We buy in small quantities in order to have the freshest of spices. They may cost more than the dollar store, but their freshness means you use less as our spices are at their full potency.

All of our spices are packaged in glass bottles for long shelf life. Glass bottles cost more, but it is worth it in the long run because your spices will stay fresh longer.

We also have local buyers who make sure the quality is superb as it goes from the farm to your table. You can always feel confident with Be-Kul Spices from Renaissance Outreach Ministries! (All spices are in approx.. 2½ oz in glass jars except the Himalayan salts which are 5 oz glass jars.

Black Pepper - $8

Both Ground and Peppercorns

Black pepper has long been a staple on almost every table for seasoning food. The peppercorns are the fruit of the plant. It is grown in the Terai region near the Indian border in Nepal. Pepper, when mixed in a 50-50 mix with to 90% vs. 10% without black pepper). It is also said to be used as a way to increase sex drive along with performance.

Black Cardamom - $12

Cardamom has a nutty flavor and is very popular in Asia. Interestingly, you find cardamom popular in Swedish and Finnish recipes! The black cardamom has a smoky flavor because of the way it is processed. You may not know black cardamom, but once you’ve tried it, will want it again and again. Check out the internet for interesting recipes calling for black cardamom. As for medical benefits, it is useful for fighting cancer and is filled with anti-inflammatory benefits. It has been used to treat bad breath and prevent tooth decay.

Cinnamon Spice- $9

This is extremely fresh spice. It is very potent, which means you don’t need to use as much in your recipes. Add it to coffee, tea or any food you want to spice up. Cinnamon is loaded with antioxidants along with anti-oxidants. Cinnamon has a delicious flavor that gives a warm aroma to any room.

Cloves - $11

Cloves have a wonderfully aromatic aroma which offers both a sweet and bitter flavor. It is found that cloves boost the immune system and are a rich source of manganese, vitamins C & K, magnesium.

Green Cardamom - $18

This is our most expensive spice, but when you see how its transported from the high Himalayas, you’ll understand. There are no roads to these fields, so they come down the mountain on the backs of farmers in baskets on their backs. They walk long distances in order to be able to send it to town. Health benefits are similar to Black Cardamom as the difference is how it is processed. Green Cardamom is good with lamb and other meat dishes plus in baking.

Cumin - $9

Made from the dried seeds of the a plant related to parsley, it’s taste and aroma is what gives Indian cooking its unique flavor. It has a flavor and aroma that is both a mixture of sweetness and bitterness in its uniquely delightful taste. Cumin contains flavonoids which work as antioxidants to the body. It will neutralize free radicals that cause cell damage. It can help to prevent cancer, heart disease and high blood pressure.

Dalle Khursani - $11

The world’s hottest chili! It is known as Lifetaker Chili” because of its hotness. On the SHU scale, its hotness is rated between 100,000 and 350,000. It can really spice up food and is popular in the Himalayas. It is grown primarily in eastern Nepal and Sikkim region of India. It is loaded with Vitamins A, E and C, along with potassium. It is filled with anti-oxidants.

Garlic Powder - $10

Himalayan Garlic comes from the tropical lowlands of western Nepal. It is planted following the harvest of rice. Garlic adds a unique flavor. Our Himalayan Garlic Powder is full bodied. It has a bold flavor and smell, requiring you to use a lot less in your cooking. Garlic is one of the “super spices” for health as it boosts the immune system, reduces blood pressure, lowers bad cholesterol as well as improving brain function. There is even evidence that eating garlic will help you to live longer. No matter what, it tases good in food.

Garlic Salt - $10

Mixed with Himalayan pink salt, it brings together the health benefits of both Himalayan salt and garlic. If you plan to use Garlic Salt in your cooking, why not choose the healthier choice?

Ginger - $9

Our ginger is finely ground, making it ideal for adding to any meal. Ginger has long been used to reduce phlegm as well as deal with upset stomachs and other intestinal problems. Add it to black or green tea for a deliciously healthy drink. It is ideal for adding to any dish you may be cooking.

Long Pepper - $12

Before the mid-1700s, long pepper was the pepper of choice in Europe. Cultivated in India and southern Nepal, it has a stronger flavor than black pepper. It is called long pepper because its fruit is a cluster of small seeds about the size of a poppy seed. Long Pepper, while stronger, has a bit of a sweet flavor. It improves digestion, will treat stomach aches, heartburn, intestinal gas and diarrhea.

Himalayan Salt - $6

Available in white, pink, red and black.

Himalayan pink salt has taken the world by storm for its health benefits. While it tastes just as salty, it contains less sodium than regular sea salt. It features 83 different trace elements like iron, zinc, chromium and magnesium. White salt is rare as it lacks the iron oxide. Pink salt has iron oxide while red salt is richer in this mineral. Black salt contains sulfur and is high in antioxidants as well as being lower in sodium. It helps to stimulate the bile in the liver which can help control heartburn and bloating. Most Himalayan salt comes from the Punjab region of Pakistan, although it is also mined in Nepal.

Mustard - $9

Available in either seed or ground

Nepal is one of the largest producers of mustard in the world. One of the most beautiful scenes in the Himalayas is the sight of thousands of tiny yellow mustard flowers with the snowcapped peaks in the background. Mustard is rich in protein, fiber along with vitamin C. It can help to relive muscular pains, ringworms and respiratory disorders. With our mustard power and/or seeds, you can easily make the spiciest, freshest mustard. It is also easy to make honey mustard, Dijon mustard along with several other interesting variations. You’ll be glad you tried it!

Nutmeg - $12

Nutmeg is an essential ingredient of Nepal cuisine. It has a warm, nutty flavor. While not native to Nepal, it is being grown in the Terai region where the country has its warmest climate. It has numerous health benefits including relieving pain, soothing indigestion while helping to reduce insomnia. It increases the immune system as well as boosting cognitive function. Nutmeg greatly enhances desserts, vegetables and even drinks.

Turmeric - $6

Turmeric is known as the “yellow spice” as it turns other foods yellow. It is a staple in South Indian culture as its is used to season rice, roasted vegetables, to enhance soups and even to make tea. It has been discovered that it has incredible health benefits. It can be used to treat arthritis, respiratory infections, allergies, liver disease as well as depression. It can reduce inflammation.

Timur Pepper - $12

A hot spice from the Himalayas, it is closely related to Szechuan Pepper. It has a wonderful smell that will excite the taste buds. It enhances meat. It will tingle the tongue with its citrus like flavor. It is excellent in sauces to give it a refined taste. Traditional medicine has featured it for abdominal pain, toothaches, stomach issues as well as respiratory and cardiovascular issues.

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