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Look at the choices of our all natural soaps.

Benefits of the Sandalwood and Yak Milk Soaps:

Sandalwood soap:

Yak Milk Soap:


Yak Milk Soap

Yak Milk with Amber Soap

Yak Milk with Rose Soap

Yak Milk with Sandalwood Soap

Yak Milk with Vanilla Soap

Yak Milk with Fruity Scent Soap

Sandalwood Soap

Goat Milk Soap

Jasmine Soap

Rock Salt Soap with Himalayan Salt

Himalayan Black Salt Soap

Almond Soap

Apricot Soap

Himalayan Honey Soap

Rosemary Soap

Myrrh Soap

Lemongrass Soap

Himalayan Grass Soap

Lavender Soap

Tumeric Milk Soap

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Nepal. India, Bangladesh, Uganda, Tanzania