Upcoming Events

Here are some of our upcoming projects:
Blessed Bible School

We have been teaching and supporting Rev. Mahdev Poudal at Blessed Bible School in Chobar, Nepal. This Bible School trains rural pastors outside of Kathmandu. This school can feed, house and train 15 pastors in training a year for a cost of $800 a month. Renaissance is seeking one or two ministry partners to contribute $115 a month toward the operation of the school. Rev. Jan L. Beaderstadt teaches church history, Pastoral Care and Counseling along with Christian Leadership at this School.

Sponsorship of 1 day a week at $115 a month.


Mugu & Jumla Mission Trip

Renaissance Outreach Ministries has been invited to the far west of Nepal to teach in the far west of Nepal. This is a remote area in the Himalayas that is accessible only by foot or by small plane. This trip will be teaching pastors in Mugu and Jumla Districts. This trip requires a translator, a guide and porter as there will be a several day trek between Mugu and Jumla. Cost of this trip is estimated at $1500, which will include all expenses (including airfare in and out).

Far West Nepal Teaching Trip – $1500


Pastoral Care Training

The earthquakes of 2015 have driven home the need for pastors to be trained in Pastoral Care and Counseling. This is something no one is doing in Nepal, and there is a tremendous need to incorporate this into ministry in order to make effective disciples for Christ. We are proposing 10 one day seminars at a cost of $300 each. The price includes food for participants (up to 50 people), plus transportation for presenter, handouts and interpreter. If we can get 10 sponsors at $300 each, we can completely fund one year’s worth of seminars in rural Nepal.

Pastoral Care Seminar – $300


India/Bangladesh Trip

A trip to Bangladesh and India is in the works to provide training to rural pastors there. We are continuing to work with rural pastors in those counties. The trip is proposed from mid-December, 2015 to mid-January, 2016 and will cost $1000. The cost is primarily for transportation plus helping to feed pastors at the conferences.

Bangladesh/India Conference – $1000