Nepal Coffee now available!

Did you know that some of the world’s finest coffee now comes from Nepal? Long famous for its fabulous Himalayan tea gardens, Nepal is now producing incredibly rich coffee that is naturally low on acid as well as caffeine.

Coffee is a relatively new crop. Jalpa Gold is organically grown north of Kathmandu at an elevation of over 9000 feet in the Himalayas. Incredibly smooth in taste, it has a full body flavor that makes it a popular coffee with connoisseurs. The high elevation along with being shade grown makes for a slow ripening process that enriches the flavor.

The coffee certainly helps out the Tamang people of the region who find employment picking the coffee beans as well as roasting them. The coffee is produced in small quantities, so it is not easy to find on the market.

Renaissance Outreach Ministries is pleased to be able to offer this coffee for sale. A 250 gram package is just $12 and is available either in ground or bean form. Order two packages for just $32, including shipping and handling. Send your order to:

Renaissance Outreach Ministries

1382 Halon Young Road

Liberty, KY 42539

Please make checks payable to: Renaissance Outreach Ministries