Jalpa Gold Coffee

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Jalpa Gold Coffee

The World’s best coffee comes from the Himalayas!

There is nothing quite like a cup of rich, delicious coffee. Most people think coffee comes from Columbia or Ethiopia. But the richest coffee in the world actually comes from the Himalayas in Nepal!

Organically grown at an elevation of over 9000 feet north of Kathmandu, these coffee plantations are in the shadow of the world’s highest mountains. The beans are slow ripen so they have the richest of coffee flavor.

Jalpa Gold is naturally low in acid. The sedimentary rock of the Himalayas produces a rich soil that creates coffee that is naturally low in acid as well as caffeine. Most coffees are high in acid and caffeine because the plants are grown in volcanic soil. Such soil contains sulfur, which increases the acid and caffeine content. The rich soil of the Himalayas does not contain sulfur, so the coffee has a much richer flavor.

Because of the low acid, this is a natural coffee for those suffering from acid reflux as well as Crone’s Disease.

The plantation where the coffee is grown employs Tamang people to work there. These are an indigenous tribal group native to the Himalayas. Often uneducated, the money they earn here helps to support their families as well as allowing them to send their children to school. When you drink a delicious cup of Jalpa Gold, you are not only enjoying a great cup of coffee, you are making a difference in the lives of people.

Jalpa Gold – available in either regular or dark roast. Also available in either ground or bean form.

Jalpa Gold – 250 gram packages - $13 per package, or 2 packages for $25

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